We tell stories with data.

The team at Istoria Research has more than 20 years’ experience understanding human behavior. Our collective background in behavioral research, neuroscience, and analytics as well as our experience supporting research initiatives within both B2B and B2C environments, has helped us learn the intricacies and nuance of leveraging user data to achieve specific business goals. We love what we do and we enjoy inspiring a spirit of curiosity with all of our partnerships.

Amy in one of her natural habitats.

Amy in one of her natural habitats.

Amy Chess, PhD

Founder & Principal Researcher

Amy specializes in qualitative data collection techniques and the meaningful synthesis of qualitative and quantitative user data. Her professional interests include developing new methodologies to evaluate integration efforts from a UX perspective, and devising creative new ways to assess the impact of UX decisions on product health.

Amy holds a Ph.D. in Psychological & Brain Science from Dartmouth College, with a focus on neural mechanisms of learning, memory, and attention. She previously served as Program Director for the Psychology Program at Champlain College where she taught Cognitive Psychology to students majoring in Game Design. Most recently, Amy had the privilege of architecting the enterprise UX Research strategy for Cox Automotive as Senior UX Researcher.